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5 Tips For Staying Organized When Moving

Moving can be a daunting task, whether you are crossing the country or even just changing neighborhoods in your hometown. Fortunately, the challenges involved in moving can be made more manageable with the help of effective organization. To keep you on the right path, consider the tips below as a way of easing the stress involved in your move.

1: Pack Ruthlessly

The longer you stay in one place, the more stuff you accumulate. While a lot of items might have sentimental value or other importance, there’s a good chance that a lot of your things are in the house simply because of inertia - it’s been easier to keep them than to throw them away. Now is the time to get rid of your clutter and to do so ruthlessly. Throw old junk out, donate items that are in good condition but are no longer needed, and make sure you pack only what you absolutely want in your new space.

2: Make a Box of Essentials

As you plan your packing, make sure to identify the essentials that you just can’t do without. This includes toothbrushes, favorite clothes or children’s toys, bedding materials, and so on. Mark this box in a way that makes it stand out from your other moving boxes and place it in the truck last. This should be the first box into your new space so you can settle in with the essentials even if unpacking runs longer than expected.

3: Color Coordinate Boxes

If you can pack items in colored boxes, make sure to use this to coordinate your packing. If everything from one room is in a box of a certain color, it makes it much easier to identify what needs to go where. This is especially true if you have professional movers or other people who don’t know your home layout helping. If you can’t coordinate by color, try using another method to clearly mark boxes by room.

4: Use Your Luggage

When it comes to packing clothes, towels, and other such items, your luggage can serve double duty. Rather than just box up your suitcase, you can pack it full of clothes first and save yourself some space. This minimizes your packing material and the number of boxes that go into the van. You can do this with other space-saving items, but not cabinets or cupboards, which should be transported empty to avoid damage to the furniture.

5. Hire Movers You Can Trust

If you start on the planning process early, you can develop a relationship with one or several moving companies in your area. By seeking out businesses that have a high level of experience and a good degree of customer satisfaction, you can guarantee a successful move. The best movers will also provide you with tips and advice to make packing easier and may even offer packing material as needed.

These tips will help make sure that your move goes smoothly. You can have even more success by hiring experienced Edmonton movers who can give you any additional help you need.

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